Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Still a few cards I'm looking for...

As with most trading card collections, there's always a few cards your still trying to get, or trying to determine if there's something out there you didn't know about.

I recently "repackaged" my cards and took the opportunity to make sure I had everything I thought I had. In the process, found that I need two(2) cards for sure, and "maybe" one other (that I thought I had but can't find).

Since I've been fortunate enough to have over 37,000 people view this Blog, I thought I would post those cards and maybe can hook up a purchase if they might be floating about.

Color Insert Cards
# 36
Bill Dickey
Although 48,000 of these cards were printed, they were only distributed through Toys-R-Us stores with accessories. Now that 22 years has passed, one has to wonder how many of these still exist.

Promo/Prototype Cards
# 662
Lefty Gomez (with "PROTOTYPE" printed across the back)
There were only 10,000 of these cards printed in 1992 and they were distributed mostly to dealers. Again, with 24 years under the bridge, how many still exist is a reasonable question.

In the event someone comes across these cards, I would be willing to pay $50 each. Simply contact me at "BigCity@CityGate.Net".

PS: Thanks to all of you who have found this Blog, and I hope the information here has been beneficial.

with "PROTOTYPE" across the back