* 1994 Megacards Set (2 printings, 2x330 cards)

1994 330 card B&W Megacards Set
Production run = 200,000
Approximate Value = $40
Factory Sealed Set = $50

1994 330 card Burgundy Megacards Set
Production run = 10,000
Approximate Value = $100

This fourth 330-card standard-size set of The Sporting News Conlon Collection by Megacards again features the work of noted sports photographer Charles Conlon. The fronts feature black-and-white vintage player photos inside a white frame on a black card face. Subset cards are marked by their title in a black diagonal that cuts across the top right corner. The backs carry biography, statistics, and extended career summary and highlights.

The cards are numbered on the back in continuation of the previous year's issue. Card 1000 is the famous photo of Ty Cobb sliding. The 1994 Conlon set was issued in 12-card foil packs instead of the 15-card foil packs used in previous years. A factory set was also available.

Topical subsets featured are Great Stories (991-1007), Hall of Fame (1008-1018), Black Sox Scandal (1019-1042), Nicknames (1050-1066), 1934 All-Star Game (1075-1113), In Memoriam (1121-1128), 1929 Athletics (1135-1159), Double Play Combo (1164-1166), Brothers (1169-1180), Umpires (1185-1212), All-Time Leaders (1217-1223), Switch-Hitters (1229-1237), Trivia (1247-1257), Action (1266-1274), First Card (1282-1317), and Checklists (1318-1320).

Reportedly 10,000 gold-bordered burgundy cards were produced for every card in the set. Each foil pack contained one of these cards, while two were inserted in each blister pack.

Please download the 1994 Megacards Set checklist to find the players included in this set.