* 1995 Megacards Set (110 cards)

1995 Megacards Set
Production run = 50,000
Value = $75

This 110 cards was "Part 1" of 3 parts planned for 1995. With the baseball strike, however, Megacards ceased production of the set after Part 1. The production of the initial 10 year concept was never restarted.  On the card fronts, each black-and-white photo has a gold foil inner border and a forest green outer border.

No more than 50,000 sets were printed, with a suggested retail price of $19.95 per series.

Topical subsets featured are Veterans of World War I and II (1321-1350), '75 Champs (1354-1367), Great Stories (1371-1378), Nicknames (1382-1390), Behind the Scenes (1394-1400), Great Games (1404-1412), and Beating the Odds (1416-1429). Also groups of three "Generic" cards are scattered throughout the set (1351-1352, 1368-1370, 1379-1381, 1391-1393, 1401-1403, 1413-1415).

 As a special tribute to Conlon and the 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth's birth, Megacards teamed with Topps to produce a 100th Birthday Card. The card was issued in two forms: a sepia-tone version for 1995 Topps regular series (number 3) and an color-enhanced version (number 3C) inserted in each 1995 Conlon complete set.

Please download the 1994 Megacards Set checklist to find the players included in this set.