* 1992-95 Color Cards (48 cards)

1992-95 Color Cards
Value = $205 ($215 if card #23 is in the 1993 SDC Baseball Card Price Guide)

One of the most interesting Conlon groupings to collect are the Color cards released from 1992 to 1995. These cards are numbered 1-47 (plus a 28CCD card) and they are strikingly beautiful and fairly easy to find.

1-39 (the 1992-94 releases) are on a dark Blue background, while cards 40-47 (the 1995 release) is on a dark Green background, the photo is framed in gold foil, and there is a gold Conlon logo in the lower right corner of the 1995 cards.

Card #23 (Bob Feller) was ONLY distributed as an insert to the 1993 Sports Collectors Digest, Baseball Card Price Guide, 7th Edition. Finding this card still in the catalog would be the ultimate configuration and worth $20 instead of the $10 for the card alone.

If a collector only wants a sample of the Conlon Collection rather that the entire multi-year set, this, in my opinion, would be the best example of the series.

Please download the 1992-95 Color Cards Set checklist to find the players included in this set.