* 1992-94 Gold Inserts Cards (12 cards)

1992-94 Gold Insert Cards
Value = $68. ($108. if cards 665, 770, 820 and 880 are in All-Star programs)

The Gold Insert set is a fun set to collect. It involves some cards on the open market, and some from special distributions that may be difficult to find.

Totaling 12 cards printed in B&W, the cards were bordered by a gold foil frame, and the 3rd party promotional cards had "G" suffix on the card number.

The first four cards in the series were ONLY available as inserts to the 1992 All-Star game program (San Diego), one player in each program. If you find these cards being sold individually, they were removed from these programs. The serious collector will want to find the 4 All-Star programs with these cards still intact.

Cards 665, 770, 820 and 880 were inserted into the 1992 Megacards factory sets. Cards 667 and 730 were included in the factory set cases, distributed through hobby dealers as a bonus (roughly a dozen of each per case).

Card 934G was available ONLY from items sold in Eckerd Drug Stores, and card 1000G was available only in Toys R Us stores.

Please download the Gold Insert Cards Set checklist to find the players included in this set.