* 1991-95 Prototype / Promotional Cards (48 cards)

1991-95 Prototype / Promotional Cards
Value =  $541 (with the 4 card 1991 Prototype set)
Value = $241 (without the 4 card 1991 Prototype set)

This may be the most complex Conlon set to organize and collect.

During the five years the Conlon Main Sets were published, each set release was accompanied with the release of a varying number of "prototype" or "promotional" cards. The various resources (Beckett, SCD, etc.) tend to group these cards into confusing "distribution sets" - for example; 1991-92 prototypes, 13th National Convention, All Star Fan Fest, 1993 prototypes, Club Members, etc. In addition, the SCD and Beckett lists do not always agree with each other. Trying to sort out the inconsistencies and duplications within these groupings, and insure nothing is missed is difficult to say the least.

Instead, I have chosen to list these cards into a single list, sorted by the copyright year followed by the card number assigned by Megacards. I chose to list these cards in this fashion - as opposed to the subsets used by Sports Collectors Digest and Becketts - because of many unexplained inconsistencies. For example...
  • The official 91 prototype set includes a card copyrighted in 1992.
  • 5 of the 6 cards in the 92 prototype set were distributed at the 12th National Sports Collectors Convention in July 1991.
  • There is a Copyright 1992 #13 Ty Cobb card with an "All-Star Fanfest" label that does not show up in the standard catalogs at all.
  • 2 of the 13 cards in the 1993 prototype set were copyrighted in 1994.
  • 2 cards in the 1995 prototype set were also distributed with "Club Members Promo" stamped on the back, yet the "prototype" versions are not mentioned in the standard catalogs.
  • SCD and Becketts disagree on the card numbers for the 1995 prototypes.
Since these issues cannot easily be resolved, I decided the most effective way to list and refer to these cards by copyright date + card number. This way we can be sure we've captured all of them and list them in relation to each other.

As you study the lists below, there is one issue that remains a question. It appears that many of the cards that had "prototype" printed on the back ALSO had a version released for a promotion that had a different label on the back - for example, the #661 Bill Terry card labeled "prototype" and the promo version labeled "All-Star Fanfest". This bring to question if other similar cards do not ALSO have a second version - for example, the #1435 Bob Feller card (I have the "Club Members Promo" version, but not a version stamped "prototype"). The only way to resolve this issue is to be on the lookout for the cards listed as missing on this list.

A few IMPORTANT things to note before we get to the list...
  • Prototype card numbers do not always agree with the same card number in the main set.
  • Prototype cards have a diagonal label across the back of the card, but 4 VERY early prototypes cannot be identified this way (see the 1991 prototypes page).
  • Prototype cards were mostly printed in B&W but a few were in Color (5 to be exact).
  • Not everyone agrees what IS, and what IS NOT a prototype card. My Special Cards section includes 3 such cards.
I currently count 48 "prototype/promotional" cards in my list. Because of the issues mentioned above, not all lists will agree with mine, however I have more confidence in my approach.

Interesting footnote:
Since the 1995 Conlon collection was cut short after the first 110 cards (1321-1430), the last 10 cards in this list (1360-1623) are the only hints we have of what was planned for the unreleased balance of 220 cards.

Please download the 1991-95 Proto/Promo Set checklist to find the players included in this set.