Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blog Has Been Revised !!

As of today, April 28th 2015, all descriptions and checklists have been updated. Over the next few weeks, I might "tweak" a few things but for all practical purposes, what is now the final product.

I updated this Blog to insure there a source of accurate information on the Conlon card set all in one place. My adventure in collecting these wonderful cards was riddled with a lot of work to both learn and organize the 2,848 cards in question.

I hope your adventure is thus a little easier...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tip of the Iceburg

Update coming soon. It appears financial difficulties of John Rogers has put the status of the original Conlon glass negatives in question. As soon as I can figure it out, I'll update this story.

One detail about the 1991-1995 annual sets that is usually forgotten, is that the 1.430 cards published were less than half of what was originally planned as a 10 year project. The 1994 baseball strike and an over-saturated new-card market combined to interrupt the grand plan to showcase Charles Conlon's 8,400 original glass negatives in the middle of 1995 after the release of the '95 110 card set.

Seventeen years after that date, however, there still is hope that the set may someday be complete.

(Quoted from John Rogers, RPA's owner, was seven years old when he fell in love with the black-and-white imagery of baseball icons on vintage baseball cards and started his collection. By 2008, he was one of the world's great sports memorabilia collectors and traders, paying $1.62 million for a rare Honus Wagner baseball card.

Along the way, he acquired the photo collections of the top baseball photographers from the early 1900s to present day. He eventually amassed the world's largest privately-held collection of photographic images. His library of 52 million images includes vintage studio photographs, news photos, glass plate negatives, and cutting-edge digital photography. He began leasing the images in 2000, eventually expanding his business to forge partnerships with publications and photographers all over the country.

In 2010, Rogers purchased, from The Sporting News, Charles M. Conlon's 8,354 glass negatives spanning from 1904 to 1939. He currently prints high quality prints from these frames, but also plans on continuing the original 1991-1995 Conlon baseball card series.

We cross our fingers and wish him luck.