* 1983 TSN 50th Anniv. 1933 All Star Game (60 cards)

1983 TSN 50th Anniv. 1933 All Star Game
Format = 4 1/2" x 6 1/8"
Approximate Value = $30.

In 1983 a unique set of baseball cards honoring the 50th anniversary of major league baseball's first All-Star Game was published featuring the key men of the 1933 game. Included were the top 18 batters and outstanding 6 pitchers of each league, as well as 12 Negro League All Stars selected by The Sporting News.

The cards were issued by Marketcom, Inc., under its Baseball Americana banner as part of The Sporting News Conlon Collection. Each card was made from a 4x5 glass negative of baseball's premier photographer - Charles Martin Conlon. The card biographical writing, which is without peer , was authored by Paul MacFarlane, The Sporting News historian. The cards are a giant size (4 1/2" by 6 1/8") format in beautiful sepia and include the player's facsimile autograph.

Please download the 1981-1988 checklist to find the players included in this set.