* Collection Value

First things first. If we add up all the various Sets and prices mentioned, we get between $1400 & $1600 (depending on the exact configurations you are able to assemble).

Note: These totals DO NOT include the 4 very rare 1991 prototypes which are valued at $300 by themselves.

This is what you can expect to pay with due diligence and obtaining most of your cards in already assembled sets if possible. If you resort to buying cards individually, you will pay a higher amount. As with all collections, however, you will most likely combine both methods to reach your goal.

If you eventually complete your collection (with or without the '91 prototypes), you can expect the value of your efforts to be worth about 50% more than the totals mentioned here.

Although $2100-$2400 is not an insignificant amount, it is an amount that can be considered an affordable hobby. If you appreciate the quality of Conlon's photographs, and the historical value of these cards assembled by the Sporting News, it is certainly worth the investment.