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Card Errors

There are surprisingly few errors in the cards issued from 1981 through 1995. The list below are those I know of...

1984 Baseball Americana Postcard Book One
1984  Baseball Immortals Set

The photos for Colby Jack Coombs and Fred Clarke are mismatched on their cards with each other. The postcard book was never corrected, but the Baseball Immortals cards were.

 1988 World Wide Sports Set 3 - Ace Townsend Adams

Babe Adams pictured with bio for Ace Adams.

1991 Card #14 - Hank Greenburg

In 1st and 2nd printings, the last line of the biography is incomplete; reads "the Browns in the ninth inning of the final game of the 1945" In the 3rd printing, the last line was corrected to read "in the ninth inning of the final game of the 1945 season."

1991 Card #282 - Curt Davis

In 2nd printing, pictured as a Cardinal but listed a Cub. In the 3rd printing, team changed to Cardinals (correct).

Autographed Cards

Between 1991 and 1994, 20,000 autographed cards were randomly inserted into factory sets. These cards included seven players; Johnny Mize, Bob Feller, Bobby Doerr, Enos Slaughter, Johnny VanderMeer, Hal Newhouser and Marty Marion (approximately 3,000 of each player).

Signatures were done in silver ink on the B&W cards. The silver, however, has turned mostly "white" over the following years.

NOTE: Any cards with autographs NOT in silver or white ink ARE NOT the original factory released autographed cards.

A few complete factory sets with these bonus card are still unopened. These unopened factory sets would be the best way to own an autographed card to insure their validity.

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