* 1991 Megacards Set (3 Sets, 727 cards)

1991 Megacards Set
Value 1st Printing = $60
Value 2nd Printing = $ 30
Value 3rd Printing = $15 (in sealed factory box, otherwise $10)

The '91 Set was the first to be printed by Megacards in partnership with The Sporting News. The set consists of 330 cards released in 3 printings.

1st printing (Very Rare)

Cards 1-67 were labeled "HALL OF FAME" in the top right corner. Since no information is available suggesting this was ever sold as a full set, I have assumed the 1st printing only included cards 1-67, possibly distributed only to the hobby as "prototypes" of the coming full set.

2nd Printing (Rare)

The 2nd printing also was missing the MLB logo from all cards but the first 67 cards were labeled "HOF(+induction year)" in the top right corner. This is assumed to be a design change to include the induction year. Since there are cards numbered 68-330 that do not have the MLB logo, it is assumed the 2nd printing was, in fact, a 330 card set.

3rd Printing (Common)

The 3rd printing (and the most common) finally included the MLB logo on all 330 cards while the first 67 cards were labeled "HOF(+induction year)" in the top right corner - the same as the 2nd printing. This is the set most commonly found.

The photos below show the differences (front & back) between the 3 printings. A complete checklist (including average retail) for all three printings is available under "Checklists" in the right hand column.

Special subsets include Hall Of Fame (1-67), 1927 Yankees (100-125), 75 Years Ago World Champs (135-150), 75 Years Ago League Leader (151-164), Great Stories (165-176), Unassisted Triple Play (200-208), Trivia (225-229), All Time Leader (250-277), Most Valuable Player (300-317), and a Charles Martin Conlon Special Card (327). 

A true Conlon baseball card collector would want all three sets. It is estimated that the 2nd printing represents only 10% of all cards in circulation. The 1st printing would be even more rare. Note: To my knowledge, however, official print run totals on these three sets are not known. These estimates are claimed by other collectors.

Please download the 1991 Megacards Set checklist to find the players included in this set.