Monday, January 18, 2016

Latest News about the Conlon Glass Negatives

This  was all I could capture online about the future of the Conlon glass plates without paying $20 to see the rest of the article from the Arkansas Business Newsletter. It does, however, suggest that the Receiver is working hard to get the set back together...

Rogers Archive Receiver to Gather Final Pieces of Conlon Collection

Wed, Oct 21, 2015

An agreement has been reached to reunite the famed Conlon Collection of major league baseball images from the early 20th Century.

Michael McAfee, court-appointed receiver for the insolvent sports memorabilia and photo archives business of John and Angelica Rogers, will retrieve 185 pieces from Illinois.

These glass plate negatives, considered to be among the most valuable of the collection, are held by Doug Allen and others connected with Legendary Auctions of Lansing, Illinois.


If anyone has access to the Arkansas Archive and could forward me the article, it would be greatly appreciated.